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Quilt: Reflections on a Koi Pond

I've been working on this one for a long time; the camera roll shows that the date for the picture taken most recently since today was dated May 2016. The time spent on finishing this quilt hasn't been taken up by the actual piecing, but in trying to decide if this quilt is done as is, or if there is more to be done. The actual piecing is deceptively complicated looking, when in actuality, it couldn't be simpler than sewing a log cabin block and then cutting the resulting block into strips.

This has been an exercise in improvisation, which is always so much more difficult than following a set path, beginning with the middle section bordered by the white bands. Originally the impetus for a quilt of blue was that I wanted to use up my strips of blue fabric collected over many years of quilting; for the most part, they are all leftover pieces from other projects. There is a lot of fabric. Collectively, yards and yards, and so even with all of this piecing, there is still so …