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Kaffe Fassett Persian Carpet Garden Quilt (inspired by Peter Halley)

I had been wanting to make a dear friend a quilt for a few years, but could not come up with the right design that seemed to reflect her personality, interests, colors, etc. But in April 2018 when looking through a monograph of Peter Halley's earliest works, I came across a gouache he had done that to me looked like a loose interpretation of a Persian carpet ingeniously making use of the simple, but extremely versatile, square.

The piece lent itself readily to a translation onto graph paper, which was an interesting exercise in of itself. No wonder so many artists learn simply by copying others. Simply from the act of transcribing each square on the page onto graph paper, I learned a lot about the artist's use of color, patterns, and scale and how those elements worked together.

To my mind, Persian carpets tend to be floral in design, so a coordinating fat quarter bundle using some of Kaffe Fassett's designs seemed perfect for the quilt with its variations of color and sc…