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Market Totes

The demise of the plastic bag has led to an increased need for durable and washable cloth bags. With a lot of extra fabric lying around from a defunct home decorating project, I engaged in some assembly-line sewing over the weekend to make some market bags.
 The finished bags have boxed corners, french seams for a durable and clean interior finish, and reinforced handles to make sure the bag can withstand the heaviest loads.
The final measurements are approximately 16" wide by 15" tall. To cut down on some time, I used plastic webbing for the handles, cut to 21" lengths, instead of making the handles from fabric. This is the perfect length for me so that the bags don't drag on the floor. (The best part about sewing is making things custom to the person and intended use. No one size fits all.)
The reinforced handles took up the majority of the sewing time, about 20 minutes to reinforce all four stress points. The rest of the bag itself is a quick make. All told, …

Labor Day Weekend and Making

Celebrating Labor Day weekend by engaging in some fun labor: starting a new bag.