Saturday, January 12, 2013

Paper Pieced Starburst

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Why stop at one paper piecing project when I can be frustrated with more? After finishing the lily hot pads, I wanted to try putting together another pattern that had been on my to do list: a star flower pillow.

possible layout with some black sashing perhaps...

Not having learned as much as I thought from working on the lilies, putting together the star flower (what I'm calling a starburst) took longer than expected, but seeing each quadrant come together was very satisfying. Each quadrant ended up taking about one hour each. I got to use some great Curio fabric by Basic Grey and now I'm entertaining the idea of making a large quilt over the course of the year.

another layout possibility
I'm using a precut fabric set to make these blocks so it'll be interesting to see how the quilt takes shape should I end up pursuing the idea. For each quadrant: the background uses two 10" squares, the white stripes 3-2" x 10" strips, and the 12 wedges a total of three 10" squares.

happy accident of strip placement

Or more likely the blocks will languish in some corner until I get so tired of seeing them that I turn them into something else. Maybe some more hot pads.

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