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Mail Organizer - Happy Dance

I ran across this idea for a mail organizer from Cotton Time. I forget which blog I was looking at that had a screen shot of the magazine page. Not having the measurements or directions, I winged it and am very pleased with the result.

I first drew a scaled picture on graph paper  and decided that the best size would be 18" x 20" for the background. Then I thought about what I wanted this organizer to do and drew in the pockets and determined what each pocket's size should be. When all was finished, the actual size is more like 18" x 21".

To make it, I used two fat quarters for the background and trimmed them to shape. I interfaced one fat quarter with decor bond and the other with fusible batting for some rigidity and shape. The fabric for the pockets comes from a repurposed 2009 fabric calendar from Japan. Each pocket was interfaced with decor bond. The pockets were then secured to the background with a zig zag stitch. At the bottom are six buttons to hold ha…

Lisette Foreign Exchange Bag - View D

I was on a bag-making roll and decided to make view D of the Lisette Foreign Exchange Bag pattern.

Working with a more muted color palette than suggested on the pattern cover, I used some Japanese taupe fabric. It's hard to see in the picture, but the fabric has a wonderfully nubby woven texture and feels just a bit more expensive than normal quilting cotton. And I also got to use a fun super large button.

View D (12" x 17") is a much smaller bag than the View B bag (14" x 18") so all I needed for the exterior and handles were 2 fat quarters of the lighter color and 1 fat quarter of the darker one. The interior used the remaining bit of the darker fat quarter and one additional fat quarter of a coordinating color.

I also wanted to alter the pattern a bit and try to install a top zipper for the first time. It was a lot of fiddly work and the zipper didn't come out perfectly, but it's a solid first attempt.

Were I to make this bag again, I would fuse batt…