Sunday, October 21, 2012

Double hourglass quilt

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The New York quilt remains on hold waiting for inspiration to strike. In the meantime, a double hourglass quilt:

Stupid me though. Instead of making the quilt the easy way by strip piecing (see this tutorial), I painstakingly cut up my strips into 5" and 10" pieces to make each of the quarter triangle pieces (a la the Short Story quilt pattern in Schnibbles Times Two), which meant the quilt took way longer than it should have. Different methods; same quilt block.

In a nod to New York, the back of the quilt:

And the final touch, diagonal stripes for the binding. In a bit of a lucky break, I chose the colors and layout for the quilt independent of the binding, but then remembered I had the striped fabric in my stash and that the colors coordinated perfectly.

Final size: about 44" square with lots of straight line quilting for added stability and durability.

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