Saturday, September 15, 2012

Lisette foreign exchange bag 1905

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Simplicity partnered with Liesl and Co. of Oliver+S fame to produce some patterns, including this bag. Joann had a sale so I bought the pattern super cheap. I made bag B.

It's a good size bag (14" x 18"). I couldn't find any reviews online from people who made the bag, so this one was made cold. I heavily interfaced this bag and so it's super sturdy. Having made it once though, I would not follow the directions as provided with the bag. But only because I like to do things a certain way. For example, the instructions say to construct the main part of the bag first and then attach the band. I would prefer attaching the band to the front panel and then stitching the full panel together.

The instructions seemed to omit some steps and a bit of common sense is needed to make sense of the bag's construction. For example, the instructions for the lining don't explicitly state to attach the bottom panel so if a person reads the instructions and infers the construction from the drawings, then I could see how a person would simply sew the lining panels together and omit the bottom. Or maybe that's just me. Still the bag is cute and would make a great gift.

The instructions for installing a zippered inside pocket were easy to follow, but it helps to have done the technique before.

I was sloppy when slipping the lining inside the bag and ended up with the zippered side flush with the front of the bag so that when I open the bag, the zippered pocket is facing me instead of being flush against my body. Not a deal breaker, but definitely a "doh!" moment.

The other side has a slip pocket for phones, pens, etc.


  1. Your bag came out great! I made view C and made the mistake you mention, forgetting to sew in the bottom of the lining because of the way the picture was drawn. Oops! But I seam ripped it and then fixed it. What can you do, right?

    What kind of interfacing did you use? I made mine with Pellon 910 but I was using a decor fabric which was heavier. Next time, I'll use 923 with quilting quality cotton.

    1. Hi, Denise,
      Thanks! I used Pellon 70 - Peltex Sew in Weight. The fabric is also a very sturdy home decor fabric and is a bit like canvas.