Saturday, September 29, 2012

Easy wins: a camera roll

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Sometimes it's more fun to sew up a quick and easy project. And when it actually looks even better than I envisioned, that's a bonus. I based the project on the Pink Penguin's super simple camera case. The item is essentially a glorified fabric envelope. There are numerous tutorials online. The distinctive part about the Pink Penguin tutorial is the use of binding.

I still have a ridiculous amount of scraps left from my Fanciful Flowers quilt, so I used those to make this roll. The camera roll took, I think, maybe 1 hour max from start to finish. That includes making the binding. Normally I don't like gold decorations, but there is something about the button with this fabric selection that works. Even better, the button is part of a set I snipped from some old clothing, so the entire project is made with leftovers and scraps.

I think I like the roll more than I like the camera.

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