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How does your garden grow?

Despite knowing intellectually that marking a quilt is okay and that the magic blue quilting pen does wash out, making myself draw patterns on the quilt has been impossible. A bit like writing in a book. Until now.

Because this quilt is not a gift, I felt freed enough to make a mess of it and experiment with trying something a little different from the usual all-over meandering. So I looked up a pattern in a book of designs, enlarged one to make a stencil, and then using that magic blue pen, drew directly on the top.

I then followed the lines using free motion quilting so the lines are bit a free-form and sketchy if you look closely. This style of quilting was a lot of fun and adds that decorative quilting element that so many quilts have to add an extra element of design. It also liberates me from thinking I have to be an artist when all I have to do is trace. So much easier than thinking of something from scratch.

And, see, no permanent blue lines. Pretty.