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Procrastination Sewing

Doing some spring cleaning and taking advantage of a vacation day to catch up on some quilting projects, destash the stash, and add some new bags to my shop.

The weekend bags (the five bags on the right) each take about 2-4 hours to make from start to finish. And while I'm always pleased with how they eventually turn out - the piping showing just so, clean seam lines, sturdy construction, etc. - sometimes it's hard to get motivated to start.

So, in a sewing version of procrastination, I then work on other random projects, like the tote bags on the left. The benefits are that the bags require a lot of fabric, which reduces my considerable stash (conveniently leaving room for more fabric of a different kind), and they're quick. Instant gratification.

I foresee more tote bags and less weekend bags by the end of today.