Monday, March 26, 2012

Whale of an Idea

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The Sew Mama Sew blog had a great idea of converting a dingbat font that uses origami pictures into paper-pieced blocks. However, rather than go through the rather lengthy process of figuring out how to convert a line drawing into a quilt block, I prefer the easier cut and paste method using sew and bond. Because I'm lazy.

My first idea was to make a tote bag using the whale character:

but it didn't have the cute factor I wanted. Too many angles; not enough softness. So I ended up drawing my own, much rounder version. Notice the stylized heart that serves as the tail?:

 and then because the drawings are reversed, the final result:

a much more eco-friendly alternative to wrapping paper or a paper gift bag. Despite the starting piece measuring a healthy 14" x 16", the resulting tote is much smaller. Perfect for a small child to carry. Next on the list are a squirrel and elephant.

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