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For a friend's upcoming baby shower, I made two baby quilts. The nursery's colors are blue, green, and yellow with some animals, she said.

Hooray that I had some fun lion fabric from last year's excessive shopping trip at Momen+. Once I figured out that I could cut out nine lions from the fat quarter, the rest of the quilt designs fell into place.

Improvisionally piece log cabin style around the lion shapes, then trim to 12.5" square. To offset the irregularity of the lion squares, piece formal hourglass blocks in yellow. Then alternate in a tic-tac-toe pattern.

One to emphasize the blues...

One to add some greens. Can't have them be exact. Then how would the poor boys know which was whose? The backs are also different. The blue quilt has the yellow and blue striped fabric, as seen in many of the blocks, as the backing. The green quilt has a flannel animal print backing.

The finished quilts are each roughly 36" square and quilted in a meandering squiggle. The…

A little bit of spring

Sometimes, something so simple like these place mats can take far too long to make. This is one of those "a little bit here, a little bit there" projects that finally came together once I figured out what the complementary solid was going to be.

I was thinking originally to use linen, but that stuff shrinks way too much and by the third washing, these place mats would probably be no bigger than a glorified pot holder. Instead, I discovered that I had this wonderfully neutral crosshatched fabric. The benefits of having a fabric stash that is out of control.

The quilting is simple horizontal lines. And the backing uses some additional fabrics from the same line as the patchworked front. Unintentional, but now I have a little bit of spring gracing my table in wintertime (which in Southern California, is no hardship).

When Irish stars are twinkling...

This one has been on my to-do list for quite a while.

Many months ago I cut into my stash of Little Apples and Sherbet Pips fabric to begin making a quilt for a very good friend's mother. I got as far as making the blocks, but then other projects took priority.
Over winter vacation I finally got a chance to finish the quilt. My friend's mother is of Irish heritage, so what better quilt pattern than the Irish Chain?
I bound the quilt in a lovely red and then had fun taking pictures of the finished project.
The finished quilt is finished with super soft fabric, which will make it perfect for snuggling when a little extra warmth is needed because my friend's mom lives in a place where they actually get snow for the winter.
I hope she likes it.