Saturday, September 24, 2011

Echino Weekend Boston Bag Redux

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So very happy with how this bag turned out.

The first one was a great muslin and helped me think through a better design to include an interior zipper pocket, cell phone pocket, slip pocket, over the shoulder straps, and even purse feet.

a very helpful zipper pocket and the other side has a slip pocket and cell phone pocket
I especially like that this bag has a finished seam inside instead of having to use binding like I did on the first try. That meant having to slipstitch the openings, but I'm learning and starting to appreciate that a little extra effort and more attention to detail can really pay off in improved craftsmanship.

purse feet!
Super deluxe travel bag that is perfect for carting home all those souvenirs. And if I went to the gym, it would be a perfect gym bag, too.

As expected, this bag took a while to make, but the pay-off is a sturdy, well-constructed carry-on. Plus unlike the cool Target Missoni bags, this one is lead-free.

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  1. I love your bag! what i don´t get is how you put a lining in it: how does that work at the top part with the zipper?? Thanks very much for a hint, i would so love to make this little beauty myself.. :-)