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Echino Weekend Boston Bag Redux

So very happy with how this bag turned out.

The first one was a great muslin and helped me think through a better design to include an interior zipper pocket, cell phone pocket, slip pocket, over the shoulder straps, and even purse feet.

I especially like that this bag has a finished seam inside instead of having to use binding like I did on the first try. That meant having to slipstitch the openings, but I'm learning and starting to appreciate that a little extra effort and more attention to detail can really pay off in improved craftsmanship.

Super deluxe travel bag that is perfect for carting home all those souvenirs. And if I went to the gym, it would be a perfect gym bag, too.

As expected, this bag took a while to make, but the pay-off is a sturdy, well-constructed carry-on. Plus unlike the cool Target Missoni bags, this one is lead-free.

Echino weekend boston bag

Bag #2. The shop sample is made using an Echino patchwork print and is lovely, which is what tempted me to buy the pattern in the first place.

The sample bag finished at 18" x 15" x 5". Fairly sizable, but also completely squishable so that I can pack it away in my carry-on and then use it to bring back the numerous souvenirs and purchases that I will inevitably buy.

Some variations: I added a front pocket because extra pockets are always nice. And I finished the interior seams.

The bag took 5 hours to finish from start to finish so my "real" bag probably won't be finished until just before I leave because a lot of time will need to pass before I muster up the desire and enthusiasm to make this again.

Echino gathered shoulder bag

I'm trying out different bag designs to find the perfect one to take with me on an upcoming trip in the fall. First up is the Echino gathered shoulder bag.

I made a test bag to get a sense for the bag's construction and to see how easy it would be to alter the design to add pockets and the like.

The widest measurement is 20" and the opening is 15". The depth is 12.5" and the handle drop is 9". The bag looks and feels smaller in real-life than the picture on the suggests.

Because the interior is gathered too, I couldn't figure out a way to add a slip pocket without ruining the bag's structure. Good thing the lining is bright; makes finding things easier.

The only small alteration to the original pattern was to add a magnetic snap. Even though the pattern instructions are in Japanese, the drawings are so well-done that it's easy to figure out how to make the bag.

I wanted to see how other sewers had made up the bag, but for whatever reason I coul…

Vinyl hanging organizer

Riding the happy experiment of my vinyl envelopes, I made a vinyl organizer for my mom so that she could have a nicer way to organize and access her jewelry making tools.

The organizer is modeled after the ubiquitous over-the-door shoe organizer, only the pockets are vinyl so that you can see what tool is in the pocket.

The organizer is 20" x 24" so that it fits perfectly into its little space on the wall. Boy, sewing is great. Once again, thanks to my sister for having the baby that started me down this crafting road with the gateway drug to quilting: the baby quilt.