Monday, August 22, 2011


Share it Please
A quilt in progress... I wanted to make my brother a baby quilt that he could gift to some very good friends of his. I fussy cut a fat quarter of some very cute cowboys and cows. Only a fat quarter does not a baby quilt make.

Pieced around the fussy cut blocks and made this quilt up as I went along, so putting this together is taking much, much longer than usual.

The key, I think, is keeping the color palette simple and neutral. That and lots of staring at the blocks and rearranging them over and over on the floor to group the blocks to tell a mini-story and also balance the arrangement of characters with the log cabin blocks and pinwheels.

And, of course, the baby's name to personalize this one-of-a-kind quilt. The back is finished in super soft minkee.

Update: My brother told me that when Cohen, who is 1 years-old, was given the quilt, he immediately hugged it and then put his face on it. Ahh. That makes my heart happy.

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