Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Traveling in my head and (score!) Thrift shopping

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Every time I log into Blogger, the first thing I do is look at the stats to see from which countries site visitors come because knowing that folks from places like Saudi Arabia or India or Malaysia are taking precious time to check in is just so fun to me. As much as I love traveling and try to make going outside the U.S. at least once a year a priority, I know that realistically I will not get to visit every place on my bucket list so I like to imagine a bit about the people who are checking in from Australia, New Zealand, Brazil or the Netherlands or any other millions of cool places around the globe.

So thank you to all of you who are visiting from so far away.


Today a co-worker and I visited the Scholarship Store for the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising. Designers and showrooms from the fabric district in Los Angeles often donate last season's merchandise, accessories, seconds, and raw materials to the store and all proceeds are used to provide scholarships, which is a fantastic business purpose.

I have been 5 or 6 times before, but this was the first time that I had some major finds.  My co-worker was wonderfully patient as I geeked out over all the stuff I was seeing and actually wanted to buy. Leather hides for $20 (I've seen those things sold for $200 a piece online.), belts that I can refashion into purse handles, high-quality denim for $1/yard (retail can be $20+ per yard),

4 for a dollar!

beautiful lace appliques that I got just because they are pretty (any suggestions?),

also 4 for a dollar! At those prices, I got two of each.

and some other upholstery weight fabrics (stuff that retails for $50+ per yard) that I will likely sew into some tote bags and clutches. Happy dance.

That ginormous roll of elastic was only $6

So, if you have some time, a visit to the Scholarship Store may be a gold mine for you. Or not. But, for sure, the visit will be an enjoyable treasure hunt.

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  1. I'd love to go there sometime! I like checking out my stats on my blog's fascinating to me that someone from say, Russia is checking out my stuff.