Monday, July 4, 2011

A little late

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A very good friend got married last Sunday in a beautiful ceremony in Malibu. The weather was perfect; the traffic not so much. Despite giving myself an extra hour cushion to get to the ceremony in time, so many people were enjoying the beautiful weather and driving to the beaches on PCH that I barely got to the wedding in time to hear the happy couple exchange their vows. So in keeping with my tardiness to the wedding, my wedding present will also be late, inconsiderate friend that I am.

My friend's wedding colors were navy and sage so I'm making them a quilt in those colors and will add a special quilt label on the back to commemorate their special day.

Perhaps because this has been a 3-day weekend and all I want to do is lollygag, this is as far as I have gotten on the quilt. The groom is six feet tall, so the quilt will be a little small for him, but that just means that if they want to share, they'll have to cuddle that much closer together.

finished size will eventually be about 54" square
Happy birthday, America!

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