Friday, July 8, 2011

The ever elusive red bag

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My mom has been on a years-long quest to find the perfect red bag. We're still looking, but as a stop gap measure, I made her this one. A friend of hers had one with a similar shape and so she asked me to make one similar in style.

I made a mock-up in paper. She tweaked the size to make it a little shorter. For the handles I did a little Google image research in all the different ways that designers made their bag handles and also looked stalkerishly close at people's handbags whenever I found myself behind someone carrying a shoulder bag.

For the interior, I put in a zipper pocket, a drop-in pocket for a cell phone and another small item, and my mom's staple request: a key fob.

All in all, not a bad day's work. Although I just realized that for all the quilting that I like to do, my time is always getting hijacked by smaller sewing projects. That and the fact that my sewing machine just died on me a second time while I was trying to continue quilting my Fanciful Flowers quilt.


  1. Love this bag so much! Really nice work. If you ever decide to make some of these and sell them, I'd love to buy one. And it's true- finding the perfect bag is very difficult!

    ps: I was carrying around my birthday bag you made me yesterday and just love it.

  2. Thanks, MB, for the vote of confidence. I'm so glad that you are enjoying the birthday bag. :)