Monday, June 13, 2011

Cozy scissors

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Last night, I got into my head the idea that my embroidery scissors absolutely had to have its own cozy case. And the case should also have a pocket to hold an embroidery needle and some thread. So I happily drafted a pattern and was generally pleased with how the case was coming along, until it didn't.

Plan B: I tweaked the pattern and then fiddled some more. Frustratingly enough, putting on the snaps took the most time because I kept messing up the snaps and ended up going through four types of snaps (I now really dislike pearl snaps and don't understand how they are supposed to work.) before making do with the ones in the picture because it was now 2 in the morning and enough was enough.

If I were to make this again, which I won't, I would use a small magnetic snap or a simpler button and loop enclosure rather than wrestle with the little snaps. And the placement of the thread holder definitely needs work. But the final result is okay for me for now.

Along the way I thought about taking some process pictures in case I wanted to offer a tutorial on making a scissor cozy. But I didn't. But if you want your own exercise in frustration, the pattern is available as a JPG file that can be printed onto a 8.5" x 11" sheet of paper.  I basically assembled the scissor cozy as if I were making a very small bag. Patience to sew slowly is definitely a virtue in sewing something so small.

More fun to make are these keychains made of felt. The design is a riff on the heart in the header of this blog. The keychains look like cookies to me.


  1. I love this! Maybe everything should have a cozy...or at least all sharp items.

  2. I know, right? Safety with a dash of style.