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Quilting the Ripple Quilt

I bit the bullet and decided to quilt concentric lines for the Ripple quilt.

The quilting didn't take as long as I dreaded it would.

And the back is pieced from the busier patterns of the fabric line, which has been a very effective method to paring my fabric stash.

Birthday Gifts

This year all my friends are getting a tote bag customized with fabric that is specifically chosen for them.

The exterior is duck canvas, but to add a little personality, I select a fabric motif or something to sew onto the outside to hint at what is on the inside.

The handles are a little wider than normal so that the bag is easier to hold and the wider straps also make carrying the bag over the shoulder a little easier.

I also thought that having an interior pocket was important to elevate the tote bag a little bit above the ordinary and worth the extra effort for birthday gift giving.

No More Monkeying Around

A few weeks back I finally took the Monkeying Around quilt to Bears Quilt Studio for quilting. Much easier and less frustrating to pay someone to quilt it.

Because the quilt design is old-fashioned, I thought the quilting should be more traditional and chose all-over feather quilting. Surprisingly, despite the denser quilting, the quilt drapes wonderfully.

And to finish it off, I bound it in a mod-ish black and white fabric.

This quilt is finally truly done after starting it two years ago.

Quilting is a blood sport

I finally earned my quilting stripes by slicing my finger with the rotary cutter when trying to finish making the rest of my friend's wedding present on Saturday. I'll spare you the picture; the wound is gnarly and still hurts.

So the planned placemats will have to wait for some time.

Once finished, however, the place mats will measure about 15" x 21". Four for her and four for me.;)

A Spring Wedding

My friend Y. is marrying this weekend. In honor of her April wedding, I am making her a spring-inspired table linen set.  The napkins are finished,

but I still need to make the placemats and coasters. The closer the deadline looms, the more the project seems to grow. Maybe she'll get an IOU instead.

Brown Bag Quilt Challenge Update

A while back, I joined an online quilting challenge: Brown Bag Quilt Challenge. The concept is to swap 2 yards of fabric from our stash that we thought was ugly or unusable and receive 2 yards in return and then make something from it and then post the results online. The deadline was yesterday, I think, and if you want to see just how much talent is out there, go take a gander. What's really cool is that every quilt is incredibly different from each other in design.

I love how everyone's quilts are so compelling and lovely. One man's trash is another man's treasure.

Look at what my super talented and ingenious swap partner did with my butt-ugly fabrics! Aren't you impressed?