Sunday, February 6, 2011

Why Holding Onto Things is a Good Idea

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About two or three years ago, I bought this fabric to make into an apron as a Christmas gift for a friend.

Noguchi by Alexander Henry
The apron never got made and the fabric went into my stash. Often considered, but never picked for a project. But, it just goes to show that holding onto something can sometimes pay off.

That same friend is now having a baby and so I pulled that fabric out again and made her a nursing cover instead using the tutorial from A Diary of a Quilter. But because I apparently have a hard time reading and following directions, I ended up cutting the bottom short. Oops.

No problem. Nothing a little ric-rac and playful polka dots can't solve.

And the fun part is that the nursing cover looks more professional all because of a garment label. I ordered them to prepare for selling my stuff some time later this year.


  1. That's super pretty, Lydia! You can totally sell your stuff. I would buy that nursing cover for friends. The rick rack and polka dots is way cuter than the same fabric the whole way down.

  2. Well, just let me know when you need some and I'll make them for you. I'm finding that accidents are really good in sewing because they force me to fix the mistake, and often the mistake is better than the original intent. What does that say about my original designs? :p

  3. alright. hook me up with one. tell me how much. :)