Thursday, February 24, 2011

A Pink Nursing Cover

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Yet another nursing cover. This is only my second time making it, but I still found some design tweaks.

The last time I put the embellishment on the bottom. But this time I put it on the top because it looked better and because the french seam on the inside might be less likely to bother the baby on the inside.

If I make it again I may also try changing the strap from a D-ring to velcro so that taking the cover on and off is less of a hassle for the mom and won't interfere as much with her hair. However, not having had to actually use this, I would appreciate knowing whether the adjustable d-ring is preferred over velcro.

close up of the top: gypsy rose is the purple and tea time florals is the pink

1 comment:

  1. the thing with velcro is that it's a pain when you want to wash it because it'll get stuck to other things, like socks. Also, if mom has long hair, it may get caught in the velcro.
    d-ring is actually not bad. :)