Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Drawing A Day For A Year

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My super talented friend MB is drawing a picture a day from January 19, 2011 - January 19, 2012. She explains,

"I decided to begin this project as a way to slow down the passage of each day, increase my artistic productivity and make myself more accountable to my creative process."

I am the proud and lucky owner of two of her pieces.

"Deal or No Deal"
ink on paper
You should definitely check out her blog "A Drawing A Day For A Year". You won't be disappointed.



  1. Lydia! I'm so flattered that you wrote about me in your blog. That's just the coolest thing!
    I find your work very inspiring actually. I really admire your work.

    Thanks again!

  2. MB, you're very welcome! I just visited your site again and have to say that as much as I like Day 2's drawing, my new favorite is Day 11.