Monday, January 24, 2011

Monkeying Around Quilt

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The fabric for this quilt is about two years old, which is also when I started making the blocks - a traditional monkey wrench pattern - not realizing how long it would take to make the blocks.

The backs of the blocks are a kind of visual timeline of my evolving piecing skills. Good thing no one looks at the back of a quilt block once the quilt is put together.

The finished quilt size will be about a twin and there is no way that I will try to quilt it on my sewing machine, but I also feel a bit badly for whichever long arm quilter I "gift" with this as the person will likely have a difficult time quilting it. Pretty much everything you're not supposed to do when piecing a quilt is what I did on this little beauty.

Because I can never do anything completely randomly, I laid out the blocks in a sort of pattern. For example, all the blue blocks form an outer border and the pink blocks at four inner corners.

You can see that I need a larger floor.

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