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A Productive Day

Trying to get in as much sewing and quilting as possible before returning to work next week.

Thanks, C., for coming over today for an old fashioned quilting bee and figuring out the best layout for the USC string baby quilt.

This one looks much better in person. The picture doesn't capture the subtleties of the different yellows and taking the picture at night in fluorescent lighting doesn't help. See that secondary square in the middle from the striped white/yellow fabrics? Her great eye caught that. Thanks, C.!

It was a productive day. Also finished

1) Upcycling some used clothing into two 16" throw pillows for my cousin who is a lifeguard with the Los Angeles County Fire Department:

I think they came out great. The two pillows are identical, and the picture shows the two sides. The white fabric used to be a polo shirt that was fussy cut to include the lifeguard patch. The red used to be a fleece jacket fussy cut to capture all of the embroidery on the back.

2) Upcycled a…

USC Baby Quilt

A co-worker's baby shower is in February so I'm taking advantage of the winter break to begin a string quilt in cardinal and gold. Each square is about 9" and the quilt should finish a little less than 36" square, which should be a good size for a stroller-friendly blanket.

All the schools who license their logos for fabric are genius. And all the schools that don't license their fabrics (cough, Cal) need to get with the program.

And after two months of promising, I finally made oven mitts for my mom.

Merry Christmas!

Hope you all had a great Christmas!

Just to keep track of what quilts went where this Christmas. Based on the list below, the boys were neglected this year and will likely be getting quilts next year. They'd probably prefer a swiss army knife.

I'm Blushing for my sister
Per her request using the I'm Blushing quilt pattern by Natalina Bonner of Piece N Quilt and using the Whimsy fabric line from Moda. The back was pieced using the remaining fat quarters and could be a quilt itself.

Autumn Comfort for my aunt
Using Gobble, Gobble line from Moda and fabric from my swap partner for Stash Manicure's Brown Bag Quilt challenge. The pattern is Nice Day by Carrie Nelson from her book Schnibbles Times Two.

Improv for another aunt
Using a bunch of brown and blue fat quarters from my stash to match her home decor and using the disappearing nine-patch block plus some improvisation to make the quilt large enough to be used as a throw quilt. Backed in plush brown fabric.

Flowers for Joanne

Work in Progress: Last-minute Christmas Quilt

My mom suggested earlier this week that since I finished my cousin's quilt that I should also make one for my aunt. Maybe because it would be a bit awkward at Christmas when my cousin opened her present and nothing similar was available for her mom.

So after some thought about my aunt's decorating scheme and colors she seemed to favor, I decided to focus on blues and browns.  The quilt also needed to be a quick design, but nothing too simple because then it would just be boring to piece and a chore to make.  The disappearing nine-patch block seemed a good compromise and the top came together quickly except that the finished size was too small: 36" x 36". Perfect for a baby quilt, not so perfect for a grown woman.

So I did what I always seem to end up doing whenever I make a quilt improvisationally, which is to say, get all the left over fabric and figure out something while munching potato chips for brain food. In this case that ended up being deciding to add a borde…

15 card cases

2(8"x5" piece of fabric) + 8"x5" piece of batting + 1 cool button = 1 quick and cute fabric card case

Over the past couple of nights, I made 15 of them using the Think It, Make It Pouch Tutorial as gifts for colleagues and friends. The most difficult part was finding just the right buttons to match the different  fabric linings and then hand sewing them to the pouch, which is to say not difficult at all.

The finished size is just right to hold a credit card or two or it can be used as an envelope for a gift card.  Or even as a tooth envelope for the tooth fairy. The possibilities are endless.

Finished! Flowers for Joanne quilt

Hooray! The quilt for my cousin is done. For fun, I wanted to try a new quilting design, so instead of the usual stippling, meandering flowers. Still needs a lot of practice and more forethought when actually quilting, but a nice change of pace.

But what really makes me happy is the back.

21 Headbands

A while back I made some reversible fabric headbands for E.  My sister liked them so much that she thought they would make great Christmas gifts and asked me to make 18 of them. That was months ago. Turning the buggers inside out tired my fingers so I procrastinated, but I found another tutorial online from The Long Thread that made making the headbands much easier. So here are the 21 that will soon tidy some little girls' hair in Utah.

To finish them off, I need to get some 1/2 inch elastic from Joann. Very convenient that the chain is having a major sale this weekend. So the headbands will be finished in time for gift giving after all.

This project is a great way to use up scraps that are at least 13" x 2.5". And they don't take long to make either, especially if you make them assembly-line style.

Some tips if you decide to make your own:
The tutorial in the Long Thread recommends that you fold each side of the headband and stitch wrong sides together so that you don…

A Happy Accident

Wanting to use up as much of the fabric as possible, I randomly sewed up whatever was leftover from making the quilt top and borders for my cousin's quilt.  Lo and behold that the pieces so cooperatively configured themselves into a "j" for the quilt backing. How convenient.

The quilt top is a lot of fun, but in this case, the quilt back promises to be even better.

Work in Progress: Flowers for Joanne

This post is actually for S. in NYC who wanted to know what new quilt I was working on. My cousin likes blue, but she'll be getting a much brighter quilt instead for Christmas. I hope she'll like it anyway.

The pattern is Sweet Pea by Heather Mulder Peterson for her Sanibel line. The quilt top came together fairly quickly. A marathon cutting and piecing session Saturday night got the basic blocks together. I've been sneaking in time in the mornings to machine applique the flowers.