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Zakka Pen Wrap

Freshly inspired by all the adorable, yet functional, objects available in Taipei and Seoul, I decided to make a simple pen wrap so that instead of carrying a separate pencil pouch, I could just carry the notebook and pen together.  The design couldn't be simpler: simply adapt one of the many tutorial available out there for a coffee cup cozy and increase the size to fit around the cover of the notebook.

The project came together very quickly so I can see myself making a bunch of them. Plus, this project is a great way to use up some leftover scraps or strips.

Isn't travel great for all the wonderful ideas it can inspire?

Still quilting

Need to finish some quilts that will be Christmas gifts, so no posting of the finished products for a while. But in good news, I now have finished 5 of the 6 appliqued flowers for the Fanciful Flowers quilt. Perhaps I'll finish the final one next week.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Quilting mojo

I lost my quilting mojo for awhile. After returning from Barcelona, I was so jazzed to be sewing again that I ended up piecing my brown bag challenge quilt in a 8-hour sewing marathon. Then, the quilt top sat on my floor for a month taunting me. I responded by walking all over it as if it were a new rug.

There is always some aspect of making any quilt that drags for me. In this case, it was the actual quilting. It started out exciting enough. Practicing quilting leaves, vines and spirals free hand. Then the tension on the sewing machine was finicky causing eyelashing on the back (really annoying). Then I kept having to change the bobbin and because of how I had my machine set up for quilting, another minor annoyance. Enough whining.

It's finally finished: quilted and bound. I had thought I would be fancy and do some non-stipple quilting all over (the leaves, vines, and spirals), but the quilting got tiresome toward the end and I just wanted to finish. So rather than do some peacock…

New quilt in progress

I'm halfway done quilting my first ever autumn quilt, but lately it's been way too hot to wrestle the quilt through my sewing machine. The weather has to get cooler before I'll feel up to getting some quilting exercise. Who knew that quilting could make a person sweat?

Aside from the cream fabric, the fabrics in the close up shot are from my brown bag quilt exchange partner. She sent me lovely fall-inspired fabrics, which prompted me to want to finish a quilt in time for Thanksgiving.