Sunday, October 10, 2010

I should be sleeping...

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Choosing a design layout for a quilt should be a relatively simple task, but the possibilities are endless. I meant to go to bed hours ago, but couldn't help playing around with some simple half-square triangle blocks as I try to figure out what design layout would best showcase the chosen fabric (in this case, Freebird by Momo) and would be most appropriate for the selected recipient (my one-year-old niece). To wit:

I could do a simple concentric square layout

or a classic pattern: broken dishes. I like how pinwheels seem to appear and disappear.

Or how about stars?

If I cut the half-square triangles in half, I can make rings

or pinwheels if I emphasize the other half of the cut block.

Too many choices = lots of fun = voluntary sleep deprivation

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  1. too many choices = too much stress = i know why i will never quilt! :)