Friday, October 22, 2010

Barcelona's Visual Feast

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Barcelona is a gorgeous city. I was so busy just looking that I did not take many pictures, but here are some highlights.

In the Barri Gòtic. Beautifully atmospheric alleys and side streets.

Rather than a boring metal façade, every store grate either had graffitti or some great drawing.

An ornamental ceiling design in the Park Güell

Main entrance to the Park Güell. Look at all the inspired tile work!

A close up of one of the tiles.
As far as I could tell, not one was the same throughout the multi-acre park.

The famous La Pedrera. Why can't Los Angeles have undulating façades?

Design inspiration was everywhere in Barcelona.
Just outside the Museu Picasso, as part of an installation, the public was encouraged
to play with Legos and make shapes to fill in cracks in the wall.
A serendipitous encounter.

One of the chimneys in La Pedrera. The chimneys are all different.
I like how this one is smiling.

A stained glass window in La Sagrada Familia. When the afternoon light is just right,
the entire interior of the church seems to glow.  A magical sight.

The stairwell leading down one of the towers in La Sagrada Familia.
The stairwell is as vertiginous as it looks.
I held onto the railing for dear life.

One of the many exterior statues gracing La Sagrada Familia. Look at the view!

I'm thinking that this is a great idea for a quilt. But instead of "Salve", Barcelona.

My own private balcony in my hotel room. I highly recommend the Aparthotel Silver.


  1. the lego thing is pretty cool.

  2. It really was. A bunch of kids were very seriously digging through the boxes of legos available and one fellow even managed to piece together something that looked like Texas and stick it into the wall. When I went back the next day to see if the installation was still going on, it was as if I had imagined the whole thing. Just strolling through Barcelona presented lots of serendipitous encounters like that.