Thursday, September 30, 2010

Quilts in progress

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Despite spending most of the weekend and a few hours here and there sewing after work, there isn't much to show for it in completed projects. But here's a peek at some of the projects I'm working one:

Appliqueing each flower using the needle-turn method is going faster than I expected, but each block still takes about 2 hours to complete. Two flowers down, four more to go. I hope to have this quilt completed just in time for spring 2011.

I started this quilt at least 2 years ago and have been making the monkey wrench blocks in fits and starts. 70 blocks completed, only 36 more to go. My goal is to piece the top by the end of this year. Doable, yes?

This one was supposed to be a birthday present, but I missed that deadline by a mile. It's on track to be a Christmas gift instead. The backing, which is what is shown here, is a soft cuddly fleece, perfect for warding off those "chilly" Southern California evenings.

And I still have to quilt and bind my sister's "I'm Blushing" quilt in time for Christmas. The top is done and so is the quilt back. I just have to figure out how I want to quilt it and then actually do it instead of thinking about the quilt design some more.

Then I can get started on some baby quilts and more Christmas quilts gifts and other quilt patterns I've been eyeing and some handbags and...


  1. wow! those flowers are gorgeous!

  2. the monkey block one looks crazy. boy, you should just do this as a full time business.